Studio in the tower

I live and work in the tower of Homberg, a part of Duisburg.
I bought it in 1988 and have been solely responsible for its upkeep ever since.
Its counterpart across the river Rhein was destroyed in 1971 even though it was a listed building and may people protested.
The tower still is the Homberg's landmark.
It should never again fall back into the hands of Duisburg's city council.
I put together a little information about the history of this monument situated at the mouth of the river Ruhr.
On the upmost floor, there is my studio, beneath you find my living quarters.
In the basement, there is my printing workshop since theprinting press has an anormous weight.
There is no elevator in the tower. However, life with 160 stairs is a great fitness training.

Atelier in Cortevaix

Seit 2001 unterhalte ich ein Atelier in der Bourgogne. Der älteste Teil des Hauses wurde ca. 1730 errichtet.