What is an etching?

Werkzeuge, Platte, Druck
The etching is an original artwork.
In contrast to art prints and so-called "limited editions", which merely represent the reproduction of an already existing original, etching is an independent artistic technique. The distinction between original artworks and the reproduction patterns produced mostly for purely commercial reasons is often difficult for laymen, since the latter are also numbered and signed. However, only in the case of the original artwork has the artist made the printing stock by hand.
In the case of etching, this is a polished copper plate, which is machined with various tools, resulting in a large number of holes, scratches and depressions.
For printing, these are filled with oil paint, the surplus is removed with the handball, the plate is covered with soaked handmade paper and pulled through a press at high pressure.
I work directly with the copper plate, that is, no original, e.g. a painting, is reproduced or printed, but the etching itself, so the print from the plate, is the original. The photo above shows in the middle of a copper plate I worked with the necessary tools (right) and left a monochrome proof print.

The Work Area

The following slider pictures show you some of the different stages of production.