About myself

Willi Kisssmer 2016
© Monika Stimpson
Dec.24th, 1951
born in Duisburg, Germany
1971 - 1976
Folkwangschule, University of Essen , simultaniously appearances as a rock musician, three albums
numerous educational trips to Russia, Egypt, South America, Greece, Italy, Turkey and other countries

end of career as musician, hence concentrated on visual arts, later taught printmaking at the University of Duisburg

1984 first paintings depicting fabrics, founded my first workshop for graphic printing
1985 first torsi
1986 - 1987 educational stay in India
1989 established my studio and workshop in the "Hebeturm" tower in Duisburg
1989 numerous exhibitions in the US and England
ab 1990 numerous exhibitions in California and Nevada and participation in international  art fairs
2001 established my summer studio  in the Bourgogne, France
July 27th, 2018 died in Duisburg, Germany
At work
At work

From my private photo album